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Moving Forward...

People come to Individual, Marriage, & Couples Relationship Counseling for a wide variety of reasons. We live in a stressful, hectic world that may require us to learn more about ourselves.  We sometimes have to deal with our issues that get in the way of achieving our goals. Paying attention to our emotions and needs help us on our journey to live a life full of purpose.  Therapy is a tool to help us obtain our goals and can be a life changing experience.   

Prodos Counseling provides a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings. We help you move towards the goals you set for yourself. At Prodos Counseling we provide faith based counseling. We also offer Neurofeedback Sessions to help to train your brain for resilience, efficiency, and flexibility. 

We also offer  Certified Life Coaching services for those concerns that do not qualify for mental health or counseling needs.


Our approach is warm, accepting, and engaging.

Counseling Services in & Throughout Ohio

Check out this video to learn more about our counseling services!


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